Short Film Night at THE PLACE SHANGHAI


China Indie Film is following up the successful Shanghai International Short Film Contest screening with a night of short films at the rooftop venue The Place Shanghai. We have collected some great short works of professionals working in the film industry here in China in Shanghai, Beijing and beyond and bringing them to you as great entertainment for a wintry evening. We will have some special additions to the mix with some international content including a selection from the Zimbabwe International Film Festival, midnight Internet vigilantes and we answer the question, does China REALLY love Trump?

Enjoy drink and food specials all evening. Advance tickets RMB50 / RMB60 at the door – admission includes one free drink.


Thursday, 8 December 2016
18:30 – 23:00
Screening @ 19:00
The Place Shanghai,
Espace, Bridge 8 Phase IV, R floor [Roof level]
457 Jumen Road, near Quxi Road

taxi directions
上海市黄浦区局门路457号星会舘, R楼

To purchase advance tickets contact:
or wechat: richardtrombly / 13818837641

Short Film Contest partners with SHVFS for filmmaking workshops

Shanghai International Short Film Contest welcomes you to
Join Us Oct 15 and 16 for film making workshops with Shanghai Vancouver Film School.  Signup :

One of the goals of the Shanghai International Short Film Contest is to help raise the quality of film making in China and also to allow amateurs discover the art and for professionals to cooperate and collaborate with other professionals and new talents alike.


We felt it was very important to have an educational component as well as inspiring people to make a team and make a film. We are delighted to announce that Shanghai Vancouver Film School is partnering with us for this education outreach with a weekend of fun and filmic workshops by some of the great film professionals that have become educators at SHVFS

The aim of these is not necessarily going to land anyone a starring role in the next blockbuster or train you to be the next great director. However if you join these fun and informative workshops you script, produce, direct and upload onto the internet a short film of your very own.

For more info: email


SHVFS Mission Statement

Shanghai Vancouver Film School is the only school with sino-foreign cooperation in China which follows the standards of Hollywood movie industry, the teaching faculties mostly come from the northern American and English is the school’s teaching language. The school is aimed to focus on the film post-production as the main content of the courses and become the cradle of top-level talents, who meet the requirements of international film industrial standards.



MandarinSpring shares film culture

The Shanghai International Short Film Contest welcomes our partnership with MandarinSpring. At SISFC, we feel film is an important way to communicate culturally through art and community. As a top language training program, MandarinSprings knows it is important to share the culture if you want to truly learn a language. We are happy that they are supporting us in volunteering at events and translating the films entered in the contest to help a wider audience share in the enjoyment of them.
About MandarinSpring
With a history that spans more than 5,000 years, China is one of the world’s oldest and richest continuous cultures. Currently the most populous nation in the world, and its second largest economy, China continues to pave its way into the global arena.
The study of the Chinese language opens the way to different important aspects of the nation such as business, politics, economy and history. More than that, to study Chinese means to study a culture and its people. Whether your goals in China are business and career oriented, or simply to immerse yourself in the wonder that is has to offer, learning the language is half the battle; knowing the culture behind the language is the other.
MandarinSpring has been established under such a background. With a close and direct view of Shanghai Center, we are conveniently located in Xujiahui and Jing’an international financial hub. Our objective is to be the leader of Mandarin school in Shanghai where students have the best opportunity to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and language.
We will adhere to the idea of pursuing excellence. With the efforts of everyone on the team, Mandarin Spring will for sure make its contribution to Chinese education, which we all will be proud of.
Here at MandarinSpring we believe in a balanced approach that offers you both the best in language and cultural immersion. This creates a platform of knowledge and understanding that is crucial for effective communication. Our tailor-made courses are aimed at achieving your goals, and our curriculum constantly revolves around your progress and needs.
One fifth of the global population speaks Mandarin.
Why not you?