Gateways, Windows and Doors

Gateways, Windows and Doors


A cultural journey through film


Join China Indie Film and Shanghai International Short Film Contest in a magical collaborative and creative journey of sight and sound. We are sponsoring a collaborative film project seeking short clips from film makers to create a cultural journey. This is a chance for film makers to explore their world and share their most creative and insightful vision of the world they see before their lens or in their mind’s eye. This is a portal to the imagination and the human soul.



The Project: create less than 60 seconds of narrative film, documentary film, animation or Computer Generated Image that expresses your most powerful and concentrated filmic storytelling. These will be skillfully edited together in an effort to create a compelling collaborative work based on the best works submitted.

项目:片段长度不多于60秒,叙事片,纪录片,动画片或计算机生成图像均可,内容需要表达您最具影响和凝聚力的电影叙事。我们会选出提交的最佳作品, 巧妙地剪辑拼凑,创造一个引人注目的协作品。

The Rules:


  • The opening of the segment must start in blackness and emerge from a gateway, window or doorway (be creative in your interpretation of that definition –any type of portal works) and then either return through the same portal or a different one. It must also end in blackness. (The blackness will be the transition to other collaboration segments so it is a necessity. The easiest way is of course to have the camera lens go directly to a solid object like the door but creative solutions are acceptable)

片段开幕必须从黑屏开始, 从关口,视窗或门道开始出现(在阐释定义时要有创意 任何类型的门户,入口等等都可以),最终通过同一门户或其他门户返回。短片必须以黑屏结束。 (黑屏淡入淡出将会作为剪辑到一起的协作短片的过渡的手段,所以黑屏的出现是必要的。最简单的方法当然是让相机镜头直接进入一个坚实的物体, 比如门,但其他具有创意的方案也可以接受)

  • The format should be : HD video (full requirements upon registration.)


  • The segment can be real documentary footage (your view of “real life” outside your door), a staged narrative scene, or you can get more experimental (animation, computer generated images, special effects and VFX are allowed as are sound effects, foley sounds, underscore music or sound track songs as your see fit. * you must have the rights to all images and sound included! – ie no brands, no music you do not have the rights to EVEN IF IT IS PLAYING WHILE YOU RECORD the native sound.)


  • Minimum length is 10 seconds and Maximum lengths is 60 seconds.


  • Be mindful of the theme “A cultural journey through film”


  • The following is not allowed – Pornography, vulgarity, or anything that are derogatory to any race, ethnic group, nationality, political affiliation, gender or sexual identity or anything else deemed offensive.

禁止以下情况 色情,粗俗或有关种族,民族,国籍,政治归属,性别或性别认同或任何其他视为冒犯的诋毁内容。

  • Film makers may make multiple submissions. At most, one submission will be chosen per film maker. Not all entries will be chosen. This is based upon the number of submissions received and entries will be reviewed and selected by a panel of experts.


  • The contest will include the entrants’ names on each segment and in the end credits. The contest website will include contact information and link to reel of film makers (unless requested not to by the film maker) so potential clients that like your work can find you.


  • The contest will distribute and market the production as widely as possible to provide the highest visibility through our internet, local (Shanghai) press and social media networks.


  • The submitted works and the end project will be created and licensed under CREATIVE COMMONS. No money will be made by any party but all works may be shared or used by anyone as long as the work is properly attributed to the artist or artists.

提交作品和最终作品会在“知识共享”(非营利形式)下被创作和授权, 任何一方都不会取得盈利收入, 任何人都可以共享或使用全部作品都应当指出作者署名和出处。

  • Register with an email to: including your name, headshot photo, phone, wechat and email as well as company name (if any) – Submission video format requirements and submission email address or physical address will be emailed after you register.

注册电子邮件至,包括您的姓名,头像照片,电话,微信和电子邮件以及公司名称(如果有) 提交视频格式要求和提交电子邮件地址或注册后实际地址将通过电子邮件发送。

  • Who can join. This is especially for members of China Indie Film, Shanghai International Short Film Contest, or the China versions of the 48-hour Film Festival, but anyone who hears of the contest is welcome to submit.


  • Entry : Free


  • Contest launch 1 May 2017


  • Entries due by 7 June 2017


  • All judges’ decisions are final. Shanghai International Short Film Contest and China Indie Film do not take ownership of the created works and only licenses them under Creative Commons. Works may be used in the compilation and in promotional works and the compilation may be publicly screened.