Shanghai International Short Film Contest Announces 2017 Event During BJIFF

The Shanghai International Short Film Contest (SISFC) announced its 2017 contest during the Beijing International Film Festival at a side event attended by local and international film makers and members of the media.

Founded in 2005, this short film contest is entering its 13th year. In 2016, it was rebranded and expanded to serve a wider base of film makers from China Mainland as well as film makers from around the world.

“China is becoming one of the leading film centers of the world and that is only appropriate since Shanghai used to be the film capital of Asia and rivaled Hollywood until the 1940s,” said Festival Co-director Richard Trombly. “We are seeing a renaissance of film making in China and it is our mission to support increased cultural exchange.”

The 2016 contest saw over 20 high quality short films screened from across China and from several other countries internationally. The difference between the SISFC and normal film festivals is that many short films takes months or even years to make while the entries for the contest are made specifically for the contest and must be made within a one-month time period before the judging. This allows those with less experience or resources to compete in a more equal forum with more experienced film makers and all entries that meet the contest requirements will be screened in Shanghai. Some of the entries went on to compete in the international film festival circuit.

Troy Sandford (R) sports zombie makeup while he and his team check a playback.

“The SISFC has offered Troy’s Team greater capability to extend our reach in the Chinese film industry, in part due to the recognition of partaking in contest, but more importantly through the renown that it brings us with valuable clients, investors, colleagues and fellow filmmakers,” said action director and stunt-master Sandford.  “Powered by China Indie Film, this film contest is my production unit and stunt team’s priority event in China.”

While the contest will take place again in fall 2017, SISFC is currently running a unique challenge bringing together creative talents from across China and around the world with:

“Gateways, Windows and Doors – A cultural journey through film.”
Join China Indie Film and Shanghai International Short Film Contest in a magical collaborative and creative journey of sight and sound. We are sponsoring a collaborative film project seeking short clips from film makers to create a cultural journey. This is a chance for film makers to explore cinematic storytelling and share their most creative and insightful vision of the world they see before their lens or in their mind’s eye. This is a portal to the imagination and the human soul. The event runs through 1 June 2017. Learn more at








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