PhotoLX focuses on the Shanghai International Short Film Contest

James Angrave has been an active part of the art, film and theatre scene in Shanghai for many years. He has founded PhotoLX especially to focus on the people and events in this community.


There were many other options of photography studios that could have partnered with us, but because of James’ mission, we especially wanted to work with him. So we gave him a shot.


No, not that kind of a shot.


Well, you know what we meant.  So many of the talents in the art and entertainment community rely on having great photography that shows them at their best. James is great at capturing artists at their best and he is fun to work with. Some even say they get a kick out of it.


But PhotoLX is not only for actors. They also do great portrait photography and portfolio head shots for anyone from an actress to a producer or anyone that wants to look great on film.


Shanghai International Short Film Contest is proud to cooperate with James Angrave and PhotoLX. Their goal matches ours, which is to focus on improving the arts and entertainment community in Shanghai. We appreciate the work he does with actors and entertainment professionals and all that he offers to support the community.

Please check the PhotoLX website for more information and more examples of the beautiful and fun art photography of James Angrave.


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