ZIFF finds common ground in Shanghai

Zimbabwe International Film Festival http://www.zimfilmfest.co.zw/ is partnering with Shanghai International Short Film Contest www.shanghai-shorts.com to share content bringing African Cinema to China and Sharing short films from this contest in Zimbabwe. SISFC believes that film is a powerful tool to bring cultural understanding and to give voices to the people. In China, the culture and society are rapidly changing and film is a great tool to explore that culture and to share it with the world. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to work with ZIFF and to share this window into African culture with people in China.


ZIFF’s theme is “Finding Common Ground” which is meant to connect Africans across the continent, in the Caribbean, the Pacific, Europe, the Americas and Asia. Africans in and out of the continent are constantly looking for that common ground that binds us together as a people and has been indefinable for centuries. African cinema plays that role of bringing people together through the portrayal of our similar histories, heritage, varying degrees of our skin color, the African spirit and experience. To help us realise that actually we are very much the same people, that there is more that binds us together than we realize, that we have a lot of ground common to share and to start a dialogue between Africans of all languages. And Cinema is the tool to assist us find that common ground as it has the ability to bring the world to our audience.


Shanghai International Short Film Contest shares a similar goal in helping people pursue cultural communication through film. As technology has become cheaper and easier to use there is an opportunity for people of all walks of life to explore their culture and to speak out. As a new culture emerges in China, that is more important than ever. And Shanghai is a great place to hold this contest because it is the former center of film making in Asia and today is an important part of the emerging independent film movement in China. It is also the most cosmopolitan city in China.


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