THE PLACE SHANGHAI is the place to be in Shanghai


The Place Shanghai hosts a night of shorts, networking and film-related fun.

The Shanghai International Short Film Contest will celebrate the talents that participated in this year’s contest as well as to network with film fans and creatives of all sorts. The Place Shanghai is providing their great venue for a night of film and fun on the roof top of Bridge 8 (indoors). We will start with a dinner and drinks mixer and then screening of some specially curated films from Zimbabwe International Film Festival and other international film festivals and then enjoy the entries to this year’s contest. Following the screenings, the SISFC will present the grand prize of USD $ 1000 to the winning film project.


Following the screening, there will still be great food and drinks flowing into the night with music and the video performance art of “TINA SPARKLES”, a specialist in the arts and entertainment scene of Shanghai and a curator who has a special art of video presentation.

See you at The Place.

Date: 5 November 2016, 17:00 to 24:00

tickets 80 RMB in advance

100 RMB at the door

Venue: Venue: The Place Shanghai,
Espace, Bridge 8 Phase IV, R floor [Roof level]
457 Jumen Road, near Quxi Road

taxi directions
457号星会舘, R

contact: or +86 13818837641



PhotoLX focuses on the Shanghai International Short Film Contest

James Angrave has been an active part of the art, film and theatre scene in Shanghai for many years. He has founded PhotoLX especially to focus on the people and events in this community.


There were many other options of photography studios that could have partnered with us, but because of James’ mission, we especially wanted to work with him. So we gave him a shot.


No, not that kind of a shot.


Well, you know what we meant.  So many of the talents in the art and entertainment community rely on having great photography that shows them at their best. James is great at capturing artists at their best and he is fun to work with. Some even say they get a kick out of it.


But PhotoLX is not only for actors. They also do great portrait photography and portfolio head shots for anyone from an actress to a producer or anyone that wants to look great on film.


Shanghai International Short Film Contest is proud to cooperate with James Angrave and PhotoLX. Their goal matches ours, which is to focus on improving the arts and entertainment community in Shanghai. We appreciate the work he does with actors and entertainment professionals and all that he offers to support the community.

Please check the PhotoLX website for more information and more examples of the beautiful and fun art photography of James Angrave.


ZIFF finds common ground in Shanghai

Zimbabwe International Film Festival is partnering with Shanghai International Short Film Contest to share content bringing African Cinema to China and Sharing short films from this contest in Zimbabwe. SISFC believes that film is a powerful tool to bring cultural understanding and to give voices to the people. In China, the culture and society are rapidly changing and film is a great tool to explore that culture and to share it with the world. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to work with ZIFF and to share this window into African culture with people in China.


ZIFF’s theme is “Finding Common Ground” which is meant to connect Africans across the continent, in the Caribbean, the Pacific, Europe, the Americas and Asia. Africans in and out of the continent are constantly looking for that common ground that binds us together as a people and has been indefinable for centuries. African cinema plays that role of bringing people together through the portrayal of our similar histories, heritage, varying degrees of our skin color, the African spirit and experience. To help us realise that actually we are very much the same people, that there is more that binds us together than we realize, that we have a lot of ground common to share and to start a dialogue between Africans of all languages. And Cinema is the tool to assist us find that common ground as it has the ability to bring the world to our audience.


Shanghai International Short Film Contest shares a similar goal in helping people pursue cultural communication through film. As technology has become cheaper and easier to use there is an opportunity for people of all walks of life to explore their culture and to speak out. As a new culture emerges in China, that is more important than ever. And Shanghai is a great place to hold this contest because it is the former center of film making in Asia and today is an important part of the emerging independent film movement in China. It is also the most cosmopolitan city in China.


SHVFS offers film workshops at Shanghai International Short Film Contest

Shanghai International Short Film Contest welcomes you to Join Us Oct 15 and 16 for film making workshops with Shanghai Vancouver Film School

Want to shoot, edit and  be the next Internet video sensation? This workshop is for you.

You will learn:

  • Basic cinematography
  • Basic video making and production design
  • Basic directing
  • Basic screenwriting

Bring in your own cameras, laptops, hard drives, smart phones and any questions about film making.

For more information, contact:

Workshop Sessions:

Saturday 15 October 2016

-13:00-15:00: Michael Bruce Adams, 5 Steps to Cinematic Story Success @ The Market

5 Steps to Cinematic Story Success

In this two-hour story development seminar SHVFS screenwriting instructor Michael Bruce Adams guides you through the process of creating irresistible story ideas that are built to succeed.

Guarantee storytelling success by putting these internationally proven techniques into your story preparation:

1. Design characters that you can relate to.

2. Maximize your hero’s transformation.

3. Create a desire or goal powerful enough to drive your plot.

4. Develop deep motivation that is intimately connected to your hero’s desire.

5. Amplify your hero’s weakness with a moral cost.

Better stories start by making good ideas great!


-16:00-18:00: Peter D. Marshall, What is a Director? @ The Market

This 2 hour presentation with Peter D. Marshall will introduce you to the essential roles of the film director and covers the director as story teller, the director’s visual concept and filmmaking as a profession.

Sunday 16 October 2016

-13:00-15:00: Lars Herrmann, This Is How A Film Is Created @ LINCKIA

A practical workshop on how a fiction film is made. The audience will be taken through the stages of filmmaking (SCRIPT, PREPRODUCTION, PRODUCTION, POSTPRODUCTION) and during the workshop a simple short film will be created.

16:00-18:00: Dena Skalin, Production Design-The Visual Story @ LINCKIA

She will give a two-hour seminar on creating the visual story for the Shanghai Short Film Contest.

(PS – That food element requirement in this year’s contest is Production Design! Food and drink are always handled by the Props department and sometimes food stylists.)

Workshop Speakers: 

  1. Peter D. Marshall: 
    Directing Instructor, Film Production, Shanghai Vancouver Film School


Peter D. Marshall is a filmmaker and film directing coach from Vancouver, Canada.

He has worked in the Film and Television Industry for over 40 years – as a Film Director, Television Producer, First Assistant Director and TV Series Creative Consultant.

Peter has Directed over 30 episodes of Television Drama such as “John Woo’s Once a Thief”, “Wiseguy”, “21 Jumpstreet”, “Neon Rider”, “The Black Stallion”, “Scene of the Crime”, “Big Wolf on Campus” and “Largo Winch.”

As a First Assistant Director, Peter has worked on 12 Feature Films (including “Dawn of the Dead”, “The Butterfly Effect”, “Happy Gilmore”, “The Fly II”); 17 Television Movies; 4 Television Series Pilots; 7 Television Series and over 20 Commercials.

He has written, directed or produced over 50 hours of documentary and educational programs and his documentaries and dramas have won, or been nominated for, 14 International film awards.

Peter has worked for directors such as John Woo, Zack Snyder, Phillip Noyce, Ed Zwick, John Badham, Mark Rydell, Roger Vadim, Dennis Dugan, Anne Wheeler, Bobby Roth and Kim Manners.

He has also worked with actors such as Peter O’Toole, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, Kathy Bates, Michelle Pfiefer, Marcia Gaye Harden, Madeleine Stowe, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Goldie Hawn, Judy Davis, Halle Berry and Adam Sandler.

Since 2006, Peter has been a directing instructor and film mentor at the Vancouver Film School and the Shanghai Vancouver Film School. Peter has also taught workshops for Raindance Canada, Directors Guild of Canada, Victoria Motion Picture School, Shoreline Actors lab, Capilano College and Mediacorp (Singapore.)

He has also developed several filmmaking workshops that he has presented over the past 18 years – from Canada to Haiti to Singapore to Dubai.

In 1999, Peter created his website, and began to publish the free monthly ezine, “The Director’s Chair” which is presently read by over 3000 filmmakers in 100 countries around the world. He also has his own filmmaking blog called


Michael Bruce Adams: Screenwriting Instructor, Shanghai Vancouver Film School


Michael Bruce Adams is a produced writer with over 23 years of film and television production experience. He has written 33 feature length screenplays and is a Script Consultant for feature films, documentaries and television series with clients in Canada, the US, Asia, Africa and Europe. His production experience includes over 120 film and television projects as an Assistant Cameraman.

The invaluable ‘on-set’ filmmaking experience he gained on productions including; “Dark Angel”, “The ‘L’ Word”, “Elektra”, “I Spy”, “Beyond Borders”, “The Thirteenth Warrior” and “Miracle” allows Michael to contribute to projects not only as a creative force offering imaginative solutions to storytelling challenges, but as a practical collaborator with years of production experience. 

Michael’s produced Screenwriting credits include his short feature “Bombshell” which had its world festival premiere on opening night of the 2014 Burbank Film Festival, the award winning feature film “Reach For Me” (Critic’s Choice Award Oldenburg Film Festival, Best Feature and Best of Festival Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, Centerpiece Gala Screening Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles, Audience Choice Best Feature San Diego Film Festival, AARP Movies for Grownups Award), as Story Editor for the feature film “A Shine of Rainbows”, as Script Consultant for the television movie “Taken in Broad Daylight”, as Story Consultant for the feature length documentary “Nash”, the story of NBA MVP Steve Nash, and as Creative Consultant for the educational comedy series “Terry Jones and Rob Buckman’s: Top Ten Tips For Health” with Terry Jones of “Monty Python”.

Michael’s screenwriting projects in development include two original feature film projects for First Breath Films (US), “Kiss The Sky” and “Turtle Man”, cowriting and consulting on the feature film “Toploader” for Tantrum Films (UK), series mapping and writing the pilot episode for the dramatic series “Catherdral”. He is currently writing an adventure biopic feature “355” for Momentum Films (US) and an action adventure feature “The Battle for Qasr Al Sarab” for Dream Chaser Productions (CA).

Michael has published technical articles on screenwriting and filmmaking (; Your First Draft: Breaking Free of Structure Paradigms, Getting Started as a Screenwriter, and Notes on a Year as a Working Screenwriter, Canadian Society of Cinematographer News, Feb. 2008; Painting in the Dark: The Rebellious Adolescence of Digital Cinematography). Michael teaches the courses Story Structure for Directors and Producers” and “In Camera Effects For Emotional Impact“ for The Art and Craft of Directing seminar series presented by Peter D Marshall, the independent seminar “Shot Through the Heart: Technical Filmmaking Choices for Maximum Emotional Impact” and “Transformative Tools for Identifying, Assessing and Creating Outstanding Stories” for the Vancouver Film School. Michael’s most recent contributions include instructing screenwriting for the Hollywood Comes to Malaysia 3-day seminar in Kuala Lumpur and as a guest writing instructor at Shanghai’s Vancouver Film School Campus.


Lars Herrmann: Cinematography Instructor, Shanghai Vancouver Film School

Lars has had a successful career as Director of Photography for film, television, documentaries, and as a video artist.


Lars has worked for well known directors (Richard Shepard, Roger Christian) and been recognized in film festivals (Raindance Film Festival, Festival International du Film d’Amiens, FICG and FCIM).


Lars has shot some great number documentaries (BBC, Discovery, PBS, DW, ORF). Outstanding is “El Silencio de Sarajevo”, shot during the Bosnian War (U2, Dead Can Dance), and “The Journey of Hanuman” (Ron Fricke, Peter Coyote, Kronos Quartet.


His unique “eye and style” has given him a name in the TV commercial industry (Coca Cola, Heineken, GM, Corona, Burger King, Pepsi), and directors such as Jeffrey Kimball (Top Gun, Mission Impossible) and Steve Miner.


Lars is a visual conceptualist, a passionate of the Arts, a storyteller, a music lover, a singer, a video artist and adventurer, constantly involved in artistic initiatives, such as his recent video mapping pieces (Tajin Summit Festival, Zapopum, 3 Legged-Dog NY). As an adventurer, Lars likes to travel and is a hang glider pilot, holding the 2nd national place.

Lars lives in Shanghai, China, and is a Cinematography Instructor at SHVFS. His latest graphic art and video installation was exhibited in the The China Art Museum in Shanghai.

Dena Skalin, Production Design, Senior Film Production Instructor, Shanghai Vancouver Film School


Dena started working in film in 1988. She says she was thrilled – as a scenic painter – to be using her education as an artist, and loving it. For 22 of the past 28 years, she’s been actively employed in all practical areas of the art department in film and television. Recent films include “Fifty Shades of Grey” and the soon-to-be-released China Film Group/ Legendary East/ Universal feature “The Great Wall.” She has been at SHVFS for just over a year. “It is a thrill to pass on my craft, and China is an amazing place to do it,” says Skalin.

Shanghai Vancouver Film School (SHVFS)

SHVFS is the only higher education institution in China with a western education model delivered in English by highly acclaimed North American Teachers from the film industry.


Short Film Contest partners with SHVFS for filmmaking workshops

Shanghai International Short Film Contest welcomes you to
Join Us Oct 15 and 16 for film making workshops with Shanghai Vancouver Film School.  Signup :

One of the goals of the Shanghai International Short Film Contest is to help raise the quality of film making in China and also to allow amateurs discover the art and for professionals to cooperate and collaborate with other professionals and new talents alike.


We felt it was very important to have an educational component as well as inspiring people to make a team and make a film. We are delighted to announce that Shanghai Vancouver Film School is partnering with us for this education outreach with a weekend of fun and filmic workshops by some of the great film professionals that have become educators at SHVFS

The aim of these is not necessarily going to land anyone a starring role in the next blockbuster or train you to be the next great director. However if you join these fun and informative workshops you script, produce, direct and upload onto the internet a short film of your very own.

For more info: email


SHVFS Mission Statement

Shanghai Vancouver Film School is the only school with sino-foreign cooperation in China which follows the standards of Hollywood movie industry, the teaching faculties mostly come from the northern American and English is the school’s teaching language. The school is aimed to focus on the film post-production as the main content of the courses and become the cradle of top-level talents, who meet the requirements of international film industrial standards.