Linckia supports Shanghai International Short Film Contest

Linckia is an international company that specialized supporting new and agile work forces in a changing environment. The film environment is rapidly changing as technology changes so we are developing the next generation of film maker even as Linckia helps to develop the next great businesses.

Linckia has been the kind sponsor of organizational meetings and the upcoming film educational workshops with Shanghai Vancouver Film School. Linckia understands that education and collaboration are as essential as having a supportive working environment.

We thank Linckia for their support of the local art and culture development through their support of the Shanghai International Short Film Contest.


Linckia is an innovative platform providing co-working spaces and several company services. In Shanghai, Linckia has built up 7 communities including one specially designed for events. Linckia is now developing online service system “Linckia APP” and an innovative remote working support system “Linckia Co-work”

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