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History of the Shanghai Short Film Contest


About the Shanghai Short Film Contest

The Shanghai Short Film Contest was formed in 2005 by a group of Chinese and expatriate foreigners from all trades who came together to develop a niche in the Shanghai film industry. It was founded to bring cultural communication through the film arts and to develop talents. In this age of affordable digital video equipment and desktop computer post-production software, the once-exclusive art of film has become available to the “common man.” Now that virtually anyone can afford to make a video, but there is a great need for hands-on experience and developing a network of professionals. With a strong belief that if you want to be a film maker, you should simply make films, the Shanghai Short Film Contest was created. Since that time there have been 12 contests that lead to the creation of over 150 short films made by the collaboration of over 1,000 aspiring film makers.

Our goal is to become a part of the revival of the honored past of Shanghai’s film industry, once the film powerhouse of Asia and a rival to Hollywood in its own right. With these contests we have helped build interest in film, give creative people an outlet and give people with an interest in film the technical and artistic know how, resources and the contacts that they need to succeed. Many of the people submitting works in our contests are solid industry professionals while some are absolute amateurs. There are some industry professionals, both Chinese and foreign, that got their start in this contest.

To support the local participants in the contests and encourage professional networking, we try to run a series of workshops in conjunction with the contest. These workshop can consist of a series of lectures and practical workshops given by experts in the field on the many different aspects of film making in topics such as direction, production, acting, sound, lighting, editing, make-up, camera, screen writing, costuming and set dressing, etc.

Since we support community-based film making, one of the key features ongoing in the festival will be the MeiWenTi award given to the film that most embodies the independent spirit of community film making.

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