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Gateways, Windows and Doors

A cultural journey through film

Join China Indie Film and Shanghai International Short Film Contest www.Shanghai-shorts.com in a magical collaborative and creative journey of sight and sound. We are sponsoring a collaborative film project seeking short clips from film makers to create a cultural journey. This is a chance for film makers to explore their world and share their most creative and insightful vision of the world they see before their lens or in their mind’s eye. This is a portal to the imagination and the human soul.


The Project: create less than 60 seconds of narrative film, documentary film, animation or Computer Generated Image that expresses your most powerful and concentrated filmic storytelling. These will be skillfully edited together in an effort to create a compelling collaborative work based on the best works submitted.

The Rules:

  • The opening of the segment must start in blackness and emerge from a gateway, window or doorway (be creative in your interpretation of that definition – any type of portal works) and then either return through the same portal or a different one. It must also end in blackness. (The blackness will be the transition to other collaboration segments so it is a necessity. The easiest way is of course to have the camera lens go directly to a solid object like the door but creative solutions are acceptable)
  • The format should be : HD video (full requirements upon registration.)
  • The segment can be real documentary footage (your view of “real life” outside your door), a staged narrative scene, or you can get more experimental (animation, computer generated images, special effects and VFX are allowed as are sound effects, foley sounds, underscore music or sound track songs as your see fit. * you must have the rights to all images and sound included! – ie no brands, no music you do not have the rights to EVEN IF IT IS PLAYING WHILE YOU RECORD the native sound.
  • Minimum length is 10 seconds and Maximum lengths is 60 seconds.
  • Be mindful of the theme “A cultural journey through film
  • The following is not allowed – Pornography, vulgarity, or anything that are derogatory to any race, ethnic group, nationality, political affiliation, gender or sexual identity or anything else deemed offensive.
  • Film makers may make multiple submissions. At most, one submission will be chosen per film maker. Not all entries will be chosen. This is based upon the number of submissions received and entries will be reviewed and selected by a panel of experts.
  • The contest will include the entrants’ names on each segment and in the end credits. The contest website will include contact information and link to reel of film makers (unless requested not to by the film maker) so potential clients that like your work can find you.
  • The contest will distribute and market the production as widely as possible to provide the highest visibility through our internet, local (Shanghai) press and social media networks.
  • The submitted works and the end project will be created and licensed under CREATIVE COMMONS. No money will be made by any party but all works may be shared or used by anyone as long as the work is properly attributed to the artist or artists.
  • Register with an email to: Info@Shanghai-shorts.com including your name, headshot photo, phone, wechat and email as well as company name (if any) – Submission video format requirements and submission email address or physical address will be emailed after you register.
  • Who can join. This is especially for members of China Indie Film, Shanghai International Short Film Contest, or the China versions of the 48-hour Film Festival, but anyone who hears of the contest is welcome to submit.
  • Entry : Free
  • Contest launch May 1
  • Entries due by June 1
  • All judges’ decisions are final. Shanghai International Short Film Contest and China Indie Film do not take ownership of the created works and only licenses them under Creative Commons. Works may be used in the compilation and in promotional works and the compilation may be publicly screened.
  • Watch for updates on www.Shanghai-shorts.com

2017 Shanghai International Short Film Contest

Coming Soon!

Watch here for more details !

Recipe for filmmaking success discovered by student


The 2016 edition of the Shanghai International Short Film Contest brought a night of film and fun to Shanghai on 5 Nov. 2016 and 12 Nov. 2016 in Beijing. The Shanghai event saw over 200 attendees at THE PLACE Shanghai and nearly 100 at its Beijing event at MODERNISTA. We would like to thank everyone who came and our sponsors for their support.


Contest Director Richard Trombly and Gleb Torubarov (r) with his winning entry Recipe won the $1,000 Best Film Prize


Andrej Iliev (l.) took the Final Draft Best Script Award with Voiceman and Lutz Papenfuß with Best Cinematographer.

The night in Shanghai started playing to a packed house on the rooftop of Bridge 8. There was excitement building as we watched a special selection of professional short films that were carefully chosen.


This included the content through our cooperation with the Zimbabwe International Film Festival. Pictured above is the film Seiko. We even had one film that was intended to be part of the 48 hr film contest that happened during the production time for Shanghai contest but had suffered problems recovering the camera data. We firmly believe that completed films deserve an audience.


The tension built as audience members watched the contest films. There were twenty teams that signed on to make a short for this project. The final rollcall of completed contest films was 9 films making for an exciting lineup of really quality films. The judging was hard for our expert panel but the results were as follows:

Best Student film – Recipe, Gleb Torubarov                                                                                        Best Documentary – Miss Sing Something, Kelly Kirk
Best Animation Circus and Zord, Pierre DeCelles
Best Experimental/MV The Barman and the Songstress, Jud Wilmont
Best Screenplay The Voiceman, Andrej Iliev
Best Cinematography The Voiceman, Lutz Papenfuß (Andrej Iliev, director )
Best Production Design The Barman and the Songstress, Jud Wilmont
Best Practical/ Special Effects The Cool No Heaven for a Gangsta, D’Asia (Troy Sandford, director)
Best Sound/ Music Jerry, Ray Kenderdine
Best VFX/CGI The Cool No Heaven for a Gansta, Troy Sandford
Best Actor Last Supper, Franz Rügamer
Best Actress Last Supper, Franz Rügamer
Best Costuming The Barman and the Songstress, Jud Wilmont
Best Choreography The Cool No Heaven for a Gangsta, Troy Sandford
“Meiwenti“ Indie Spirit Award Jerry, Ray Kenderdine
Audience Choice Recipe, Gleb Torubarov
Best Film Recipe, Gleb Torubarov


Members of the Troy’s Team group and their hard-core zombie film, No Heaven For A Gangsta, at the Beijing Screening.  The Beijing screening featured a selection of amazing local Beijing talents instead of the international content as well as the contest entries.